So haven’t written for a bit, with all the changes going on in the world. I have been at a stale mate.

Ready to get back with it and try again. I have went into other peoples homes and have had some precious experiences. I have learned that I can reach out of my comfort zone, and love people I hardly know. My capacity to give to others has grown more in the past 6 mths, than I realized it could.

A training method I have used, that also works in any situation, especially for those with dementia.

Playful, this is hard to do sometimes, but makes a huge difference. my mom will get so angry, if I make her wash her hands after going to the bathroom. If I can be silly and playful, instead of demanding and forceful, things go better.

Earn trust, i felt my mom trusted me 100% normally. the new normal is she doesn’t trust me at all. I had to earn the trust again again again again, everyday is a new day

Accept, accept them where they are at. don’t try to correct, change, or tell them they are wrong, just accept what they are saying as gospel truth.

Change the subject, sometimes things can get heated, then can turn into a problem that arises fast. Change the subject and get the focus on something else. I learned this early on, when at a doctors office. A lady checking us in, heard how I was handling the situation, and just simply changed the subject beautifully. Much appreciated, learned that the hard way.

Empathy, this is not their fault, if the situation was in reverse, could we handle it any better.. ( I think not)

As you might have noticed the 5 things I think is essential to surviving, with a parent that has dementia. Spells PEACE which is what we all are seeking for. RIGHT?

Keep up the good work, I’m not a doctor, and these are just my opinions, love my family, my life, my beautiful country, the United States of America, and of course my MOM.

GOD Bless

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