Getting Started with an Elderly Parent

In Sept of 2018, my Father passed away and I became sole Guardian of my mother who has dementia/Alzheimer’s. I knew it would be easy, because me and my mom had a rock solid relationship over the years. My dad didn’t give us all the details about what was going on, (and frankly i probably wouldn’t have listened.) What I have learned and continue to learn, is that the relationship we had then, is not the relationship I have now. It is forever changing, and sometimes she talks to me about that Paula, ( who is me) cant help but laugh, because my mom has never been confrontational. I have continued to work and have a busy life, but have found myself to be quit board. I now have opened an adult daycare to help others work, so their parents can be cared for, instead of going into a nursing home. I have worked in behavioral health for 11 years, and have learned a lot through that training. This training continues to help with mom and others. Where I continue to try and figure out, by trial and error what will help, and frankly what doesn’t. I’ll try to post a couple things weekly that has helped us and hopefully it will also help others. 1- My mom reads everything, road signs, license plate, signs on truck etc. I started with a coloring book that had positive sayings in it, and it made a huge difference. So throughout the daycare I have posted positive phrases that she reads all day long, and her attitude is frankly more positive. I’ll post things frequently, that has worked, or hasn’t worked, or down right funny things that we can all laugh at. ( but new at blogging) so others can see what works for me, and also who and what we do.

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